With this calculator, you can make an estimated calculation of the employee bike benefit and the savings it brings in the purchase price of the bike when the bike benefit is part of your total salary.

The result from the calculator is an indicative estimate of your savings.

The closer your tax value is to €100/month and the higher your own tax rate, the greater your savings are.

We will be happy to help you with questions and estimations about the possible savings related to employment bikes. You will get the most correct effect on your salary by including the benefit in your personal taxation in OmaVero/MyTax.

Your employer’s employment bike instructions and the maximum length of the contract period affect e.g. the maximum value total of the bike benefit. The example calculation is based on the most common 48-month contract period.

Depending on the conditions set by the employer for the acquisition of an employment bike, it is possible to pay a value exceeding the maximum allowed price, for example, as a down-payment.